Sunday, December 25, 2011

Plan ahead for an affordable and sassy little holiday outfit

         Adults like to have a little special gift giving each year during the holidays. Put the kids to bed or send them off to Grandma's house, put on the perfect holiday music and deck yourself out for your man.  How much did or would you spend on a sassy little outfit for the guy in your life?  An outfit like this one to the left will set you back  $60 or more, and that doesn't even include the hat!  
      Think about this - next year when the department stores start the clearance of swimwear, go grab yourself a cute little basic suit, in red or white or even in blue if you celebrate Hanukkah, add your own little bows, bells and ribbons, to create your very own custom creation for a fraction of the price.  And you will have a swim suit that you can wear all winter in the hot tub or the following summer.  If you want to really go all out, pick up a pair of sassy super high heels to finish the package. 
      These heels from Triangles, in Scottsdale, Arizona would be perfect and again, not just for a one time wearing.  Great investment.

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