Friday, January 20, 2012

Baby Bikinis: Cute Or Completely Inappropriate?

Baby Bikinis Controversy

     Last summer there was a tid bit on the morning news about baby girls wearing bikinis. The tone of the story was very negative.  My first thought was that this was so silly to even make mention of.  After all, we see babies wearing only a diaper while at a pool or on the beach and think nothing of it.  They are babies and their bodies are really not made to fit in much of any clothing well, but beach wear is beyond difficult.  I found a little bit on Huffington Post and a few comments by moms but that was about it. 

     The story got my curiosity going and I did a little looking into what the scoop was.  I am shocked to find that there are bikini’s sold for infants in the price range close to $100.  I found bikinis that were custom made in matching mother/daughter sets.  Again for a small fortune.  Another amazing fact found -  bikinis starting in a size 3 months.  These all looked cute in print, laying on a white sheet or plain background, but put them on a baby and things take a bit different perspective. 

     I found a few pictures that were a little shocking, even to me.  That says a lot.  I had to redefine, in my mind, the difference between a bikini and a two piece swimsuit. Some of these pics will help you with what you think of this subject.  

On the site momdot you can see what moms had to say.

     What is sort of disturbing to me is that some of the parents actually try to pose their kids in seductive poses.  No matter what you opinion of baby bikinis is, you will probably agree that there should have been a line drawn there.

                                     So - what do you think ?

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  1. Baby bikinis and tween'age crotchless panties get me fired up. I think it's completely inappropriate-right next to the 14 year old Vogue cover model in France who is made up in full hair and makeup, little clothing and posed VERY provacatively. I think the parents know what they are doing-and trying to make a sick buck off there infants. Just my opinion though...