Monday, February 27, 2012

Our Absence !

     I am feeling just a bit lame here.  I am so into spreading the word about Exposure Swimwear and all the latest news in the swimwear world but it is that time of the year and we are all busting our butts designing new styles, finding models, photographing the latest of our designs and getting production out the door.  So - it is not an excuse but you can see why I am a bit slow at the posting.  We are  getting into the rhythm now so hopefully the post will return on a regular basis.  I guarantee there will be some new and exciting pics to share soon from our very own line of beach wear.
   In the mean time check out our Amazon Store that includes suits and everything you could want or need for your next pool, beach or spa outing.  And something for the entire family. 
     Thanks for your patience.

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