Sunday, August 26, 2012

Drying Out

     My favorite vacation spots are on beaches so it makes sense that most of the tips that I can offer are based on that.  This tip will work for you not matter where you are, especially if there are swim suits involved.

      Getting your swimwear dry is important in many ways, especially when it is the suit you want to put back on the next day.  In most cases, you don't want to wash your suit after each wearing and it usually doesn't have to be.  If on the beach, rinse off with the suit on, at the beach shower, if available.  If no shower where you are - use that handy gallon of water that you tote around for rinsing hand, feet and suits.  Take along a few of those hangers with the slots on top to hang you suits on.  They take up little room and are handy to have.

     While driving around you can hang the suits on the clothing hooks in the car.  When stopped for a road side picnic or stretch you legs break, you can hang them on the edge of the doors to get better ventilation.  (Keep an eye on those suits; a not so honest passer by may snag them; especially if they are one of the really cute suits from Exposure Swimwear) And when you get back to the room, they can hang anyplace the air circulates enough to continue the drying process.

So hang it up
instead of laying it out or wadding it up

      This is a simple way to save laundry mat coins and helps to extend the life of the suits.

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