Monday, September 10, 2012

Sock And Heels - Fun or Too Funky

       Back in the 80's the shoe and sock styles were fun and sporty.  Layered socks with Keds and Nikes.  Bright colors, scrunched socks, tennies with a variety of swashes; all fun and a ton of varieties to go with any outfit.  Even the neon. 

     What about the style inspired by the fall collection from Dolce & Gabbana?   The key was to wear thin socks, mostly with closed toe shoes, and matching and coordinating with the clothing and not outrageous or neon.  Cute?  I think it could be.  I can even see it being an effective look, done properly, for the office. 

    There seemed to be a little posted and advertised but not a lot.  What happened to this?  Do you think it could be a look for you?  Maybe it will take off this fall along with the short boots with the scrunch socks. 

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