Thursday, February 7, 2013

Teen Week with Makeup Univeristy

The bikini season is closing in on us and we are all thinking about what we need to do to be prepared for showing off more skin.  Are you thinking - do my legs look flabby, did the winter take it's tole on my mid area, did my boobs start to sag a bit while the weather was nippy?  These are crazy thoughts but most women and a lot of men go through this every year. 

Makeup University is covering Teen Week with some great ideas that will begin to put your mind at ease.  One article in particular is about 'modest coverage' for teens.  What do you think?  Can a teen wear a bikini and still feel 'modest'?  How much coverage is appropriate for a teenager?  There are a lot of factors and they are different for every girl.

Check this out and then come back and visit us for great articles about the newest styles, for women of all ages and sizes.

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