Friday, May 24, 2013

Make Up University Hits Phoenix Comicon

Yep - Make Up University, Cherelynn Baker (a true makeup Guru) are In-The-House, at the 2013 Phoenix Comicon.

Generally I keep this site for reviewing subjects that deal with swim wear, beach attire, spas, pools, and anything that has to do with water fun.  But I am making an exception for the Phoenix Comicon 2013 because our  good friend and occasional contributor of beauty info, is attending this event.  And I have a bit of a love for Comicons, ever since I attended my first one with Cherelynn many years ago in San Diego, California.  That event is so amazing.

So here's the skinny, briefly, of a few fun things happening this weekend.

Zombie Beauty Pageant, Masquerade Party, the Babylon 5 Extravaganza, and so much more.

And now for OUR MAIN EVENT !

Here's a little beauty info from Make Up University.  After all, I have to keep this post on subject at least a little bit.

Preparing for the event -

Day one - highlights of this day for Cherelynn was sitting on the Pugs: The Geek Smackdown, where a panel of specialist were given questions and a minute to debate. The best argument wins.  Cherelynn actually has a list of the questions on her Make Up University site.  You'll have to check it out.  ALSO - if you are one of the lucky soles who are in attendance of  the Comicon,  there is a surprising ending to this event that you can view on her site also.

 Day two with Cherelynn and Makeup University cruisin' the halls of Phoenix Comicon had her snapping pics of some real fun subjects.  And she shared some of those pics with us.  Take a look at this little gallery -

. . . and a few more pics that I found on line.  One of the things that I love about Comicon is that you never know what you will see; and everyone, no matter how they are dressed, just fit in with the crowd.   Check out this variety.  We have everything from a sweet little mermaid to many women who chose skin as their costume of choice.   

I am so bummmed that I could not be in Phoenix for this event.  In a few days we will have an update from Makeup University on this experience.  Stay tuned.

One more thing to check out!
If you are a Trekky, you will want to check out this little teaser for Star Trek Continues.

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  1. I was so flattered to find my face on your website and I'm so glad you had fun at the Con! We've got something for everyone!