Sunday, June 2, 2013

Choosing The Right Bottom

All bottoms are different.  All swim bottoms fit different on those different bottoms.  Most women are mistaken about how and what is the best style for them.  The largest problem is with women who believe that if you have a 'big butt' or a 'bubble butt', the swim suit should have full coverage.  This is so NOT true.  I'll show you some bottoms of 'real women' and give you a little opinion and suggestion of each, and you can make your own opinion. 

Take a look -

Both of these butts are very similar but the suits fit entirely different.  Why?  The green suit is fitting just a little higher on this girl, which gives the illusion of her butt being larger.  The fabric is not as 'sturdy' and would look a bit better if there was a slight scrunch added.  What do you think?

This suit is pretty close to being a 'good' fit.  It isn't too high and doesn't cut in on the top tie area.  My suggestion for the leg area is that it could be just about an inch lower.  No more than that.  You don't want to make it a full bottom that makes the butt appear larger.  What an inch actually would do is make the transition from the leg to the crotch area, just a little wider.  With this area being just a bit wider, the leg would not cut in at all.  Cute bottoms and they don't need a scrunch to avoid the baggy look.

Can you see what flimsy fabric can do to your swim wear appearance?  I am sure that all of these girls have great bodies, but their suits ruin them.  The butt on the left may be OK if there was a scrunch to get rid of the baggies.  The middle girl has a suit that hits way too high on her back.  Again, the scrunch would help but it may not be the answer, since it may pull the sides in a bit and the side of the legs would be better if they were just a bit wider.  We can't see the girl on the right, but what we can see is that the suit is a little bit baggy.

There is a style and design that a high waist is appropriate for.  The pin up girl look is a perfect example.  This blue bottom fits pretty good with the exception of the high waist that causes the butt to look very large. 
I know this is poorly done, but you can get a little bit of an idea with this photo of how much smaller the butt looks when the suit isn't quite so large.
Again, this bottom is pretty close to a good fit.  The waist is hitting in a great spot.  The legs are a bit tight which causes a cut into the skin look.  If there was a small band on the leg, it could be a bit better and would stay in place without the need to be tight.  And, of course, a scrunch would get rid of that odd 'crack' look, even when wet.

I know that this is getting boring but I have to say that this suit is a pretty good fit.  Actually, a really good fit.  The waist hits nicely and  this suit could be cut higher in the legs and be fine too.  All in all, it works. 

I couldn't let this one go without posting it.  This is just horrible in so many ways.  It's too large, too flimsy, and badly needs a full length scrunch.  There must have been a whole lot of alcohol involved for this girl to be in public in this suit.  I am embarrassed for this girl.

It is important to remember that there are some factors that have to be taken into consideration.  If you are going to be wake boarding, you will need a suit that will not slid of  when in the water.  If you are just going to be laying around in the sun, you can get by with a suit that is stylish you  more than functional.  And if you are attending a swim party, you definitely want to go with unreasonable and over the top with bling and fun.

One more look to compare to.  This suit shows a perfect fit.  The way it sits on the hips is great; high enough to be full crack coverage, even when wet.  The legs have a small band what holds them in place without having to be tight and cutting.  And the color and design is appropriately young and flirty.  That's why it is part of the ad but a look that anyone can accomplish if aware of their choices.

Remember, just as many people see your back side as does your front. 

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