Wednesday, December 4, 2013

Winter Bikini Care and Maintenance

The leaves have changed color or dropped off completely, the air is really chilly, and now is not the time to be thinking bikinis. Right? Oh so WRONG!

 This the perfect time to be thinking about the little bit of fabric that you call a swim suit. First – there may still be some swimwear pieces hidden in those clearance corners, behind all the holiday items, at local stores. You may, or most likely, have to really sort thru a lot of junky clothing to find anything but the rewards may be great.  I love those areas that include everything from baby tanks tops to men’s July Fourth boxers and over size bras and, hopefully some bikini pieces. Don’t despair if you only find odd pieces. Those are perfect to make your own personal combination suit. Grab a solid to match a pattern or two different patterns that have a few coordinating colors. Anything goes this time of the year. You will still have them in the spring when you can purchase the solids to match up with, if you take proper care during the winter.

Now – for another reason to be thinking bikinis - Winter is Hot Tub Time !

No one needs to tell you that you will want to maintain that healthy bikini body all winter long. But, one thing you may need to be reminded of is how to maintain the health of your swim wear. Pools are tough on swim suit fabric. The beach will really give your suit a beating, especially if you spend a lot of time sitting directly on the sand. But – the true killer of a good suit is the chemicals that go into a Jacuzzi. The combination of heat and chemicals is much tougher than anything that Mother Nature can throw your way. Care of your swim wear

1. Always rinse your suit with plain water ASAP . Swim suits contain Spandex which is what allows your suit to stretch and return to it’s original shape. Rinsing the chemicals out of the suit is the first and most important way to save a suit.

2. If you are enjoying a great evening and just don’t have time to properly clean your suit right away, lay the suit out on a towel until you can get to the proper cleaning. Remember, the longer you wait, the better chance of there being some real damage.

3. Wash your suit with care. Use a liquid detergent for gentle fabrics; add just a dab to a sink of water, turn the suit inside out, and swish your suit well. Rinse with clear water, and gently squeeze the suit to remove water. Never wring out your suit – it could damage the threads and shape.

4. Lay your suit flat to dry on a towel. Avoid direct sunlight and never ever put a suit in a dryer.

5. If you have used any type of oil or may have perspiration on the suit, pay extra attention to those areas. Swim suit fabrics tend to stain easily from these.

6. One thing that many do not know is that your swim suit has a memory. Yep – a memory. It takes about 24 – 48 hours after wearing to return to it’s original shape. Have a variety of suits so you can give your suit a break. If you wear your suit before it has a chance to recoup, before long, it may not fit the way you would like.

That covers the major care of you winter swim suit but there is one more thing that is extremely important to think about. If the hot tub / Jacuzzi can damage your suit so easily, what do you think it is doing to your skin? Consult your skin care Guru, Cherelynn at Make-Up University, for tips on how to take care of that sensitive skin.

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