Thursday, December 1, 2011

Winter Tanning

     We are in December and even tho the warm weather is pretty much gone for most of us that doesn't mean that we have to look as pale as the fallen snow. After all - it is hot tub season even here in Arizona where you never have a season that doesn't involve wearing a swim suit.
      Here's a little info on how to maintain that bronze glow all winter long.  It safe, easy and reasonably priced.  My friend, make up guru and the founder of Makeup University, Cherelynn, shares this with us today. 

  . . . .  I recently tried the Australian Gold spf 15 Sheer Coverage and it's so light and fast absorbing on the skin with a soft coconut scent.

It dries matte on the skin so you don't have to worry about being shiny and sticky from your sunscreen.

And if you want to have a brown/bronze tone to your skin-please forego the tanning bed or laying out in the sun and opt for a self tanner instead. I tested the Australian Gold instant bronze self tanning lotion with 'elimiscent technology' which helps minimize the tell tale self tanner smell.  . . . . . read the entire article.

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