Sunday, February 12, 2012

Keepin' it at home

     Have you ever considered keeping your swim suit shopping at home?  Yep - that is what I said.  Try on your swim suit in the privacy of your very own home, with some of your closest friends.  Better yet, you can make a party of it.  Invite friend, family and even their friends over for a Swim Wear Party.  Believe me, this isn't your mom's Tupperware type of party! Heavens no.  It's fun and as crazy as you want.  To top it all off, if you are the host, you can score a free suit.

     My first experience with a home party was when a customer of mine went from the retail world to working and selling from home.  Thus the home party began.  In a later post I will tell you the whole story about Lori.  But for now I will tell you about the parties.

     If you live in the Phoenix area, Lori will bring an assortment of bikinis and other fun and feisty beach wear to your home.  She sets up racks of suits for a few hours for you and your guest to try.  Lori will also take orders for suits if you find a style you like but the fit isn't quite right for you.  She has fitted young girls who are just getting into the bikini phase and even a woman in need of a stylish FF size top.  Most of Lori's suits are priced under $50. 

     Now tell me - who else will do this for you.  And don't forget, you may earn a free suit or even more.  So check your calendar and call your friends to set a date.  Send me a message here and I will get you in contact with Lori's Home Swimsuit Parties.  If you live in the Tucson area, I can set you up with parties there also. 

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  1. I want the daisy and the polka dots! Home parties are the way to go because it saves time and money for me the consumer! Thanks for sharing!