Thursday, February 2, 2012

Thanks for Spanx

     For anybody who has never heard of Spanx - they are the greatest thing since hot bread.  And if you love your hot bread, then you may really be in need of Spanx.  I first saw them a quite few years ago on The Today show and when the women of the view were talking about them.  Followed by little blips in magazines.  I was curious but never took time to look them up. 

     Here at Exposure Swimwear we would like to think that we make a suit for almost everyone.  Almost being the optimal word.  We specialize in bikinis, two piece suits for the sporting type woman, cutsie little one pieces that are more like the bikini with an added piece for a bit more coverage and all kinds of cover-ups.  (Shameless plug there)  But the reality is there are more women out there looking for a nice swimsuit with fuller coverage then there are teenagers wanting bikinis.  Well Spanx has some of the cutest one piece suit out there.  And to beat it all - they have control right where you need it.

The back ground of Spanx it fun too.  It is simple - Sara Blakely had a vision.  She pursued this vision in a way that most people could only dream of.  Now she has succeeded in a big way.  She managed to make contact with Sir Richard Branson (oooohh what a lucky girl), spent time with Mr. and Mrs. Nelson Mandella and travel the world.  All of this from a girl who had a vision, a goal and the will power to make it happen.  It's an inspiring 'must read' story.  Beware - envy could hit you smack in the face.  Or perhaps inspire you to go out there and make your dreams happen.  

     Back to the swim suits.  They are cute and functional.  Sold on line.  And now offering men's suits.  Check them out and definitely check out Sara Blakely.  Personally I think her story is more interesting than most anything currently on the news. 

     I want to share this little bit of what I found on line.  You can read  the rest at Sara's Whole Story.  Poke around while there and see what else you can find.
How I Spread the Word

"I had no money to advertise, so I hit the road. For the entire first year, I did in-store rallies about Spanx with the sales associates, and then stayed all day introducing customers to Spanx. I became notorious for lifting up my pant leg to every woman walking by. (My mom always said as long as I lifted my pants up and not down to show my product then I had her blessing!) My friends and I also called newspapers, magazines, and TV stations and got Spanx significant coverage in the media. "

                                          Remember -
       When looking for a cute little bikini or two piece for the beach or pool, look up Exposure Swimwear. 

     When looking for a really neat one piece, go to 
Sara Blakely and Spanx.  


     Don't forget to check out their new line of
men's  Shape Wear.


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  1. I love Spanx! and that polka dot bikini too! Did you know Spanx is made in the USA?