Sunday, June 24, 2012

Tops First

     Why is it that women are never content with their bodies?  I don't know any woman who wouldn't change something, usually a major part of their body.   Sad but true.  No matter how much a person spends on perfecting their appearance, there will always be that 'something else'.

     Something that we can reasonably do is be aware of how we present ourselves.  Exposure Swimwear is a company that mainly geared towards bikinis so that is what we will talk about here - starting at the top.

     Women seem to gravitate towards how their butts look.  "Do these pants make my butt look big?".  "Is my butt hanging out of the suit too much?". Typical remarks.  Why these questions when most people, if you are concerned about how others view you, start from the top and work their way down.  Let's start there -

     The triangle top is by far the most popular top for teens and adults.  Just like boobs, tri tops have many different shapes.  If your shape doesn't match your top, you off to a poor start.  The two biggest issues are construction and shape of the top.

Take a look -
      This is a typical tri top for a large chain store that sells lingerie and clothing.  Their suits are not 'inexpensive' so you would hope that they wouldn't take the short cuts.  Wrong.  Most do.  You can see how the piece is flat.  I mean, really flat.  There is no dart to contour and no piping on the sides to add shape.  So - if you are as flat chested, and don't mind showing that, as this piece of fabric, then this is the suit for you.  You can add a little pucker across the bottom but that seldom doesn't enough and if you are active, it will not stay in place that way.

  The alternative?  Look for a suit with the side piping with a little pucker so that you have a nice resting place for the breast.  This also helps to hold the suit in place. 

     No matter what kinds of trims you have on your suit, you still need the correct shaping. 

     That's the start.  I'll cover more about shapes for the best fit soon.

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