Monday, June 25, 2012

Payson's Shade for the Beach

     For the very first time this year, I will be heading to the beach with my very first great granddaughter, Payson.  Since she already has her bucket hat and swim suit packed I figure I best get prepared.  The beaches of Southern California has been the yearly vacation destination of my 3 grand daughters and I since they were pre-teens.  Nothing can beat the bonding that happens when you put 4 people in close quarters, combined with the fun, excitement and relaxation of the beaches.

     Taking a crawling and tender skinned baby will be a fairly new situation for me.  Guess I haven't done that since road trips to Mexico with my own children in the 70's.  Back then we'd pop up some shade and sort of just live there with that protection.  When in California, we camp out in hotels and at friends homes so we must take more portable sun protection.

     I have found two very affordable items that I thought I'd share.  I'll just show you a pictures and also the company's description -

Product Description

The modern world is all about Convenience and ease of use, and that's exactly what you get with the Grand Trunk Cielo Shelter Quick Set Tent. From start to finish assembly takes less than a minute. Light and portable, this shelter is made to go anywhere. Great for some shade at the beach or at any outdoor event. The patented central hub design and technology helps put the fun back in camping. The Flexible Legs of this shelter help ensure a long life for your tent. It's also nice to know that with convenience and ease of use you don't have to suffer from lack of quality..

 Product Description

The Coleman Road Trip Beach Shade Shelter provides needed relief from a light rain or the sun during picnics, backyard events, or when camping. The Coleman road trip shelter is easy to set up with lightweight, shock-corded poles and can achieve stake-free stability. The shade floor converts to a privacy wall when needed, and a rear window in this Beach Shade shelter allows for even more circulation. With a center height of 57-Inch, this shade shelter has plenty of room to give you that occasional relief from the elements or protect you from a long day in the sun. 
7.5'x4'5' footprint; 57" center height
2 zippered doors for privacy -- use it as a changing room
4 hanging pockets inside 
UV Guard Protection for SPF 50+
Includes carry bag, sandbags, extra-long stakes, handy dry line and floor mat

      One of these items will soon become Payson's beach play house.  And it will be nice to keep the ice chest in the shade.  Of course, Tiffany (Payson's mom) and I will enjoy a break from the sun occasionally.  I'll let you know which we try out and how it works for us. 

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  1. I like the blue-have a fabulous blast at the beach! You deserve a vacation!