Wednesday, August 28, 2013

Fit Matters, When It Comes To Swimwear

It would sure be nice to think that we could all just look at a swim suit that we like and know that it will look OK on our body type.  Actually, we want to say that we look as good as the model in the suit of our dreams.   But that is not the case.  Probably not ever, for the average woman. 

I have talked about the bottoms in the past so this time we will start at the top.  Your top and suit tops - this will be about the matching game. 

A big busted, plumb woman can look better in the right fitting suit that a woman with a tiny body with average or large boobs.  Take a look a the below photos and tell me that you don't find this statement accurate.

Suggestion - stand in front of a mirror, in your birthday suit or basic under garments, and evaluate what coverage would be best for you.  Take into account how much support you need.  Not just the under the boob support but side support is sometimes necessary also.  If you can find a bra that fits 'just perfect' then you have an idea on how and where your suit should fit also.  Remember to look from all angles.  The last thing you want is to find that your boobs are falling out the sides.  Not good!

Are you worried about being in style AND having a good fitting suit?  Never fear.  Currently, ruffles are very in.  As is fringe.  Take a look at some of these suits and see what you think.

Ruffles and fringe can enhance the smaller size boobs but not so nice for the larger woman.  A more  simple design and style may suit the large breast better.

What to look for other than fit is style.  We have already looked at ruffles but there is so much more. 
Color counts.  Decoration counts.  Versatility counts.   Comfort really counts, big time.  

Can't make up your mind?   Nobody said that you can only have ONE new suit per year. Try them all and own many. 

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